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Ghana Union Bremen e.V.
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We are a large number of Ghanaians from West Africa Country of Ghana, as we saw the need to form this association to foster relationship among us as people from the same country. Ghana Union Bremen as we are called, it was founded by few Ghanaians who saw the need for this association in 17.11.1991. Since its re-launch on 2010, and despite its enormous undertakings, the association has remained true to the mission outlined by its founding members. In the face of recent difficult economic and living conditions, GUB current initiatives enduring to provide the needs of fellow Ghanaians back home indicate a promising future for the people and their community.

The goal of our association is to promote unity and to seek the well-being of our members in Bremen, Germany. A large number of members have promised to protect and promote the mutual interests of our aim and objectives. In addition to maintain a dignified code of ethics, combat backdoor activities, stimulate the public’s desire to participate and promote GUB activities. A constitution for the new association was drafted and approved by the general meeting. Subsequently, the association was duly registered with the Amtsgericht, Bremen in 2010 where the association has its legal seat.

In this difficult atmosphere of human organization, where the only constant seems to be change, it is extraordinary to realize that GUB core goals has remained the same 2 years later.

The aims of the association include:
1. To enhance the contact, integration and understanding between Ghanaians and citizens of other nations,

2. To offer charitable assistance to institutions like children homes, hospitals,      schools      and orphanages in Ghana,
3. The promotion of the culture, music and the folk dance of the Ghanaian people.
4. The aims of the society would be realised through the interaction with people    and institutions that share our views by organising courses, seminars, cultural    activities, lectures, by publications and through public relations work.
5. The association does not pursue it’s own economic goals.
6. The means of the society may only be used for the purposes defined by the statute.

The members may not receive any donations from the means of the society. No member may be favoured by expenditures that are alien to the purpose of the society or by reimbursements made in a disproportionate way.

Ghana Union Bremen.
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